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Tree Of Synthesis

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This project serves as a guiding light for all seekers who do not know where to begin the search. With the Internet today, we swim in an ocean of information, yet are often drowning in ignorance. People are confused what information to search for, what books to read, which sources are legitimate, which aren’t…they are confused about what to believe in. The honest and earnest seeker of today, in his pursuit of truth, gets confused and entangled in the vast net of information, not knowing what path to follow, what steps to take. Thus the search usually ends in … a resignation.

The Tree of Synthesis project aims to create an online portal that will serve as a guiding light for all seekers via all paths. It will offer a synthesized bank of information with step-by-step directions, so the seeker of Truth will be able to realize his mission and start serving humanity sooner. The project will be a well-structured, modern-day, open-source synthesized Web-based encyclopedia created and run by the people for the people and providing a practical step-by-step guide on every area of knowledge known to humanity today. Unlike current online informational sites, this will not only provide you with information but will give you a globally voted and agreed on top five, ten, twenty… on all subjects so you will not waste your time on reading watered-down books and spurious sources of information. You will be lead right to the source. You will no longer be lost, confused about what information to devote time to. Tree of Synthesis Project will guide you right to the Source no matter what your area of interest.


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