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This project helps us remember the holy triad of Man, Nature, and God; of doing, being, and becoming; of mind, body, and soul— our three dimensional consciousness. This project intends to help us regain the primordial waters of our archetypal consciousness. By remembering the interconnectedness of all things in existence, we start seeing that other people are our mirror and that what we see in them is what we project.

The Spiral of Unity Project allows us to see that all paths are divine manifestations; it fosters an universal interfaith concept for ecumenical pluralism of humanity. It helps us realize that, since we are all one, all we have to conquer is ourselves.

As above, so below. ALL IS ONE.

This project aims to identify the spiritual and geomantic energy centers of the world and to connect them in a common network of shared information and activity. These energy centers will work together to maintain world peace and harmony and to ensure the positive direction of human evolution. The network will be formed by summoning current, like-minded centers of light to unity and, from their unity, they will inspire and create other supporting organizations and communities. This movement will draw a New World Map based on consciousness and predisposition, not on geographic or societal indications.

CNW’s Divine Resonance Project is part of the Spiral of Unity Project It unites performers across the planet with a global message of love and peace. It also promotes supports and popularizes the arts and crafts of local regions across the globe by reselling their work.

Finally, with its NEW WORLD COMPASS PROJECT, CNW organizes travel across the globe to allow people to visit the planet’s most potent energy centers.



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