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This project offers a system of New Education for the New World. It harnesses the advancements of this age of information and, through synthesis, renders an educational system that offers SELF KNOWLEDGE, summoning students of all ages to examine the SELF ahead of any other action.

The curriculum is based on methods of extracting rather than acquiring. It invites us to extract our own light instead of constantly adopting layers upon layers of external information.
The project offers its newly designed system of education to elementary and middle schools, as well as to high schools and colleges. Any institution can include the I AM Education system in its curriculum.


The main point of the education system is SELF STUDY. Students are guided into creating a daily practice of self-study and reflection.  As a result they establish a profound connection with their Higher Self. A connection with the Source from the very beginning leads to a life of harmony, happiness and fulfillment. If rigorous self-study is applied from an early age, all other practices will come about naturally, from the student’s own initiative.

“What is true knowledge and what knowledge do we really need to have? We need to explore the knowledge of the heart and the wisdom of the self. This cannot be found on the Internet. We need to close our eyes and see the answers; they are always contained in the questions. We should only learn to ask the questions of the heart. The Philosopher’s Stone is in our own backyard.”

-CNW Movement

The program is tailored to each students age, geographical location and personal characteristics.

Lessons and information of the synthesized version of the I AM EDUCATION school will be offered globally on the internet; on the I AM EDUCATION online portal. Daily activity postings of teachers and students will appear on the site so people of all ages and geographic locations will be able to extract information from this newly designed system of education. The project will also offer packaged step-by-step pedagogically tested curriculum for schools to test and adopt easily.


CNW’s PRACHODAYAT PROJECT is incorporated into the I AM Education System.

The Prachodayat Project is represented by the symbol of Prachodayat Bear. Prachodayat is the last word in the Gayatri Mantra—the foremost mantra in Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, inspiring wisdom. ‘Prachodayat’ means to inspire, stimulate, sharpen, direct, guide, unfold, or ‘He who energizes’. The bear is a symbol of motherhood and child protection as well as strength, courage and tenacity. The Prachodayat Project is born to inspire children and adults of all ages and nationalities to have the courage to preserve their inner child and to look at life as a journey of joy, not a string of unpleasant destinations. Prachodayat Bear invites you to remain a child forever, to never fill up your vessel, to tap into the child within and awaken your intuitive perceptiveness and spontaneity.

After the Prachodayat Initiative, ArtSphere Project is the second limb of I AM Education System.

ArtSphere Project is a creative lab of non-learning and self-exploration. ArtSphere Creative Lab is meant to disarm, extract and recognize facts as facts. It does not teach techniques, it does not show methods nor does it use concepts such as right or wrong, good or bad. It fosters an environment where each person can unleash his/her creative flow, where the body is seen as a vessel following, not leading the energetic flux. Through the manifested nuances of expression, drawing, painting, dancing, acting, singing… people start learning about themselves and their lives’ mission. The lab uses the avenue of art and unpeels layers upon layers of false identity, extracting each person’s True Self. The process becomes a mirror of the Self.

YogaLab is the third limb of the I AM Education Project.

YogaLab represents the collective consciousness of teachers and the techniques and methods they have created to promote and support the path of self-realization. In YogaLab you draw from the limitless bank of information available to humanity today and discover practical ways to apply the essence of this knowledge to your present reality. Thus, improving your life and realizing your life’s mission sooner.

Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga System is our partner in the branch of YOGA EDUCATION for the I AM Education curriculum.

Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga is the first system that unites Qi-Gong, Tai Ji, and Balinese practices with traditional Vedantic Yoga. Qi-Yo’s mission is to help today’s people acquire a broad view of the world’s esoteric heritage via an open system that absorbs and synthesizes extant spiritual systems. Qi-Yo is a YOGALEIDOSCOPE drawing upon Chinese, Indian, and ancient Balinese esoteric traditions.

I AM EDUCATION schools will ignite a network of New World Schools at key geographic locations and on major online portals. These schools will prepare new generations of realized souls who will lead the next curve of evolution.



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