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This project calls us to stop LIVING IN A SQUARE. It helps us recognize the effects big-city life has on us. It recognizes that STRESS lays at the root of all problems, of all illnesses; that 99% of sicknesses start in the mind. It helps us see how society smashes, suppresses and imposes itself on us. This project invites us to recognize living in Nature as our natural state.

It helps us remember that Nature purifies, and that communing with nature should be an essential part of our daily life, not a commodity. To create, we need to be surrendered to the Earth, need to be grounded, not alienated or living in opposition. The project encourages us to return to our natural state of Homeostasis.

The project utilizes the advantages of the age of information and the Internet, helping people realize that their geographical location is no longer defining to their vocation; that nowadays one could live in the jungle and run a global business, if one chooses to… The project advocates that one can markedly improve his/her lifestyle by moving out of the big, crowded, stress-oriented cities. Such migration to more rural, less populated areas will bring forth a new world balance of population, as well as an environmental equilibrium.

The project will work with smaller communities in rural areas across the globe to improve their economies and life standards, thus making them more attractive places to relocate to. It aims to help restore global population balance by rendering blueprint of a network of global villages. Communities across the globe will become self-sustainable parts of one single living, breathing organism of New World Communities

CNW’s Geomantic Homeopathy Project is part of the Deurbanization Project. The project intends to teach students to be modern- day shamans by gaining familiarity with what Mother earth has to offer at various geographical locations. People will learn to intuitively choose various herbs and plants, applying them to heal and help themselves and others. It will also offer site-specific knowledge resonating with each person’s blood, water, and geomantic memory.


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