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I AM Education

This project offers a system of New Education for the New World. It harnesses all the advancements of this age of technology, it accesses the limitless bank of information provided by the Internet and, through synthesis, renders an educational system that offers TRUE KNOWLEDGE, summoning students of all ages to examine the SELF ahead of more »

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Tree Of Synthesis

This project serves as a guiding light for all seekers who do not know where to begin the search. With the Internet today we swim in an ocean of information, yet are often drowning in ignorance. People are confused what information to search for, what books to read, which sources are legitimate, which aren’t…they are more »

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This project calls us to stop LIVING IN A SQUARE. It helps us recognize the effects big-city life has on us. It recognizes that STRESS lays at the root of all problems, of all illnesses; that 99% of sicknesses start in the mind. It helps us see how society smashes, suppresses and imposes itself on more »

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Spiral Of Unity

This project helps us remember the holy triad of Man, Nature and God; of doing, being, becoming; of mind, body and soul—helps us regain the primordial waters of archetypal consciousness. By remembering the interconnectedness of all things in existence we enable ourselves to see humanity as our family and recognize it as us. We start more »

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